Wooden Church of Saints Cosmos and Damian, Vyšný Komárnik

The wooden church from 1924 was built on the site of an older wooden church from 1700 destroyed in the First World War. The church is dedicated to the Byzantine saints, the brothers and healers Cosmas and Damian. It has a large vestibule with a prismatic tower protected by vertical boards. There are four bells […]

Wooden church of St. Basil the Great, Krajné Čierno

The Church of St. Basil the Great is a Greek Catholic church in the municipality of Krajné Čierno in the district Svidník. The three-part log church of St. Basil the Great was built in the late 18th century. The log building and its roof are covered with shingles made of hand-split conifer blocks. The floor […]

Wooden Church of St. Parascheva, Dobroslava

The Church of St. Parascheva is a Greek Catholic wooden church located in the village of Dobroslava in the district of Svidník in the Prešov region. The church dating from 1705 is a three-room building in the shape of a cross with a transverse nave standing on the high stone foundations. It has three towers […]

Wooden church of St. Michael the Archangel, Šemetkovce

The church was built in 1752. It was heavily damaged during the military operations of the Battle of the Dukla Pass in October and November 1944. The church was repaired thank to the locals after the end of the war. In 1968, the church was promoted to a national cultural monument.The church tower is topped […]

Wooden Church of the Protection of the Mother of God, Hunkovce

The Wooden Church of the Protection of the Mother of God in Hunkovce can be found at the cemetery in the center of the village on a hill surrounded by trees.According to previous research, the wooden church in Hunkovce dates from the end of the 18th century. The temple is divided into three parts. The […]

Wooden church of St. Archangel Michael UNESCO, Ladomirová

The Church of St. Archangel Michael is a wooden church with a bell tower from 1742 located in the municipality of Ladomirová. The church was dedicated to St. Archangel Michael and was built without a single nail.During the Second World War, the right side of the iconostasis was badly damaged. Fortunately, it was restored in […]

Wooden Greek Catholic Church of St. Luke the Evangelist, Brežany

The wooden Greek Catholic Church of St. Luke with three rooms, the only one of its kind in the district of Prešov, was built in 1727 and restored in the second half of the 18th century. It is one of the oldest wooden churches in Slovakia. At present, the church is fully functional and serves […]

Wooden Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Hervartov

The Gothic church of St. Francis of Assisi, built around 1500, is one of the oldest wooden churches of this type in Slovakia. The most impressive of the interior gothic murals are those depicting Adam and Eve in Paradise and the duel of St. George with the dragon. The interior hides the altar of the […]

Wooden Greek Catholic Church of St. Luke, Tročany

The wooden church in Tročany is dedicated to the Holy Apostle and evangelist Luke. The church was probably brought from the nearby village of Rešov, as evidenced by the inscriptions on the wooden beams and the inscription on the icon of the Crucifixion. It is probably the oldest wooden church of the Eastern Rite not […]

Carpathian Wooden Road

Exploring wooden churches around Svidník. Exploring wooden churches around Svidník. More than 300 km long Carpathian Wooden Road includes almost 50 objects of wooden sacral folk architecture of the Slovakia – Poland border region. The largest number of wooden churches is located in the vicinity of Svidník. The masses and services are still being held […]

Monument zone of the town of Sabinov

The monument zone of the town consists of a historic square, which includes originally Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance houses. The historic centre of Sabinov was declared a monument zone by a decree of the District Office in Prešov no. 2/93. Parts of the bastions and part of the fortification wall are preserved. The building of […]

Židovský cintorín Pečovská Nová Ves

V 18-19. storočí žila v obci početná židovská komunita. Po smutných udalostiach II. svetovej vojny  zostal po tejto komunite v obci iba cintorín, ten sa nachádza na svahu Mníše. Areál cintorína v tvare obdĺžnika je ohradený betónovými panelmi. Celkovo cca 100 náhrobných kameňov je uložených v 5 radoch. Umeleckou a historickou hodnotou cintorína sú výtvarne […]