Wooden Greek Catholic Church of St. Luke the Evangelist, Brežany

The wooden Greek Catholic Church of St. Luke with three rooms, the only one of its kind in the district of Prešov, was built in 1727 and restored in the second half of the 18th century. It is one of the oldest wooden churches in Slovakia. At present, the church is fully functional and serves Roman Catholic services. The church is an atypical log building with significant influences of Gothic Roman Catholic sacral architecture and consists of a presbytery with a straight closure, a longitudinal nave and a tower. The presbytery forms a single unit with the nave. The church has a slanted ceiling, while in the nave the ceiling is flat. In the interior, the beams are coated with clay. The church is part of a historic cemetery with some graves older than 100 years. Noteworthy are iron crosses scattered all over the cemetery. A small part of the cemetery is reserved for graves of newborns. There are 6 small graves (not larger than a meter) with wooden crosses (20 cm large), a sad view, that is for sure.


OcÚ Brežany, Brežany 20, 082 41 Bajerov
051 /778 3116
0948 141 160
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