Wooden Greek Catholic Church of St. Luke, Tročany

The wooden church in Tročany is dedicated to the Holy Apostle and evangelist Luke. The church was probably brought from the nearby village of Rešov, as evidenced by the inscriptions on the wooden beams and the inscription on the icon of the Crucifixion. It is probably the oldest wooden church of the Eastern Rite not only in Slovakia, but in the entire Carpathian region. Given its style, the church was built at the turn of the 15th to 16th century at the latest.
The church is divided into three parts, has three rooms, two towers and three crosses. It is built on shallow foundations. In the temple tower two bells hang. Above the tower is a three-armed cross, above the nave there is an ornate single-armed cross and above the end of the sanctuary is a simple single-armed cross.
In the church there is an incomplete iconostasis – a national cultural monument. It has two tiers and dates from the 17th century. The royal door, also called holy or main, is in the middle of the iconostasis and leads to the sanctuary. There are several other rare icons in the temple painted on canvas along the sides of the iconostasis. The wooden church in Tročany was declared a national cultural monument in 1968. Various repairs of the temple took place in 1897, 1933 and 1968. Between 2010 and 2011, the church was renovated under the project Rescue of Wooden Churches included in the Carpathian Wooden Road (the European Regional Development Fund).


How to get there

The church is located in the center of the municipality, between family houses. When driving from the direction of Janovce, turn right at the crossroads in the village.



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