Monument zone of the town of Sabinov

The monument zone of the town consists of a historic square, which includes originally Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance houses. The historic centre of Sabinov was declared a monument zone by a decree of the District Office in Prešov no. 2/93. Parts of the bastions and part of the fortification wall are preserved. The building of the Evangelical Lyceum and later the Piarist grammar school in the middle of the Freedom Square is also a cultural monument. The subject of monument protection is 30 burgher houses which surround the Freedom Square. One of the dominants is the Church of St. John the Baptist – a three-nave Gothic church. Master Mikuláš Krompholz from Košice completed the arch of the choir and the chapel in 1503. The main altar and some sculptures are from the workshop of Master Paul of Levoča (the original altar is in Budapest). The Church of the Virgin Mary is originally a Gothic chapel in the cemetery from 1375. It was enlarged in 1484 and made into Baroque style in the 17th century. From 1740 to 1920 it served as a church for the Piarist order. Two evangelical churches were built behind the town walls in the early 19th century as tolerant churches without a tower. The Greek Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, built in 1901, was elevated to a diocesan pilgrimage site in 1999. The value of the almost intact preserved medieval ground plan of Sabinov is increased by the zone of the town fortifications. The beginning dates back to the 15th century. To this day, some parts of the wall have been preserved, 2 bastions have been reconstructed and 4 have been almost completely destroyed. The remains of the south gate were uncovered in front of the District Office building.
In the town cemetery you will find valuable tombs of important personalities such as Bohuslav Nosák-Nezábudov- poet, Cirbusová, Jolanaprose writer, Stenhura, E. – painter.


Kultúrne centrum
Námestie slobody 62
083 01 Sabinov
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Sabinov je dobré spojený s okolitými mestami ako Lipany a Prešov železničnou a autobusovou dopravou.
Od železničnej a autobusovej stanice je to 700 m a približne 10 minút peši.



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