Wooden Church of St. Parascheva, Dobroslava

The Church of St. Parascheva is a Greek Catholic wooden church located in the village of Dobroslava in the district of Svidník in the Prešov region.

The church dating from 1705 is a three-room building in the shape of a cross with a transverse nave standing on the high stone foundations. It has three towers topped with onion domes. The church area is surrounded by a fence. There is a cemetery inside the complex.
The church was rebuilt in 1880 and then again in 1932, when two side chapels were added to the building.
The most precious monument of the interior furnishings is the restored iconostasis from the 18th century, which depicts scenes from the New Testament.


How to get there

The church is located at the edge of the municipality, you cannot miss it.