The Wooden Greek Catholic Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin, Jedlinka

The Greek Catholic wooden church in the municipality of Jedlinka was built in 1736. It is dedicated to the Byzantine holiday “Protection of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary” and was built from logs. The temple consists of a shrine, a nave and a vestibule. Each part of the building has its own tower with a dome and a cross. Unique triangle-shaped sound holes are carved on the walls of the main temple tower. There are three bells hanging in the main temple tower. The temple towers and the temple roof are covered with chipped wooden shingles. From the vestibule, wooden stairs lead to the bell tower. The forging of the door dates back to the period the wooden temple was built.
The altar in the sanctuary features the icon of the Nativity Mary dating from the 19th century. On the left side of the sanctuary there is a prothesis for the preparation of sacrificial gifts for the divine liturgy with a rare icon of the Virgin Mary (which dates from the 18th century).
The temple has a special wall decorated with icons standing between the nave and the sanctuary (with three doors). This iconostasis dates from the 18th century and consists of four tiers of icons. The main icons are: St. Nicholas of Myra, Hodegetria, Christ the Teacher and Master, Theotokos, the Mother of God. The royal door has two wings depicting the four evangelists and the Feast of the Annunciation to Our Blessed Virgin Mary. Above the main line of the iconostasis is a series of icons of the great Byzantine holidays with the icon of the Last Supper. Above the tier of holiday icons is a tier of icons of the holy apostles with the icon of Christ the High Priest, who is in the middle of this tier. Above the icon of Christ the High Priest is the symbol of the “eye of God”, which is rare in wooden temples.
Above the tier of holy apostles is a series of Old Testament prophets. At the very top of the iconostasis is the icon of the Crucifixion of Christ with the figures of the Blessed Virgin and the Evangelist John by his side. This iconostasis is decorated with carved images of plants and vines. Other icons and liturgical objects in the wooden church date from the 17th and 18th centuries.


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