Wooden Greek Catholic Church of the Encounter of the Lord with Simeon, Kožany

The Greek Catholic wooden church in the municipality of Kožany was built in 1760. It is dedicated to the event of the Meeting of Our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ. However, this church was originally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Meeting of Our Lord depicts the meeting of the child of God and the mother of God with the righteous old Simeon and the prophetess Anna in the Jerusalem Temple. This church is one of the oldest preserved monuments in the Eastern Slovakia. Thanks to the rare interior decoration and the interesting iconostasis, it is one of the most valuable sacral objects of the area.
The wooden church in Kožany was built from logs. The temple consists of a sanctuary, a nave and a vestibule. Each part of the building has a tower with a cross. The temple is built on stone foundations. The temple towers as well as the temple roof are covered with wooden chipped shingles. There are three bells hanging in the main tower. One of the bells dates from 1406, which makes the church a rarity in Slovakia.
The icons in the sanctuary and nave date from the 18th century. The nave of the temple hides the fathers of the church, the four evangelists and a number of angels. The interior of the church was restored in the period from 1965 to 1970, while the exterior between 2000 to 2003.


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