Malá Zobrana (the Small Zobrana) and Zimná skala (the Winter Rock)

Malá Zobrana (the Small Zobrana) and Zimná skala (the Winter Rock)

Mountains Slanské vrchy – Zobrana and Zimná skala (the Winter Rock). In the 9th – 12th centuries the Šariš region was popular among hermit monks who were looking for safe places to live. They found one such place near Mirkovce on the top of Malá Zobrana.
The Zobrana peak is situated on the western side of the mountain range between the municipalities of Mirkovce and Brestov. Veľká Zobrana (the Big Zobrana) with its altitude of 627 meters offers a beautiful view of the valley of the Košice Basin. Malá Zobrana is slightly lower – 610 meters. At the top of Mala Zobrana there is something truly unusual – in the middle of the peak is an opening into the “bowels” of Mala Zobrana which goes all the way down to the stream underneath and ends in another opening by the stream, which people named “the Winter Rock”. The opening between the rocks of the massif was used by hermits as a hiding place. Hopping into the opening and following the stream Malka, hermits would reach the nearest settlement safely. In this way, they easily avoided robbers or even members of the Arpad family who were known for their violent raids. On the top plateau there are visible terraces, probably remnants of an ancient settlement. The local Wind Hole (Veterná diera) was known from time immemorial for the extremely strong draft that blew out in the winter months. It is so strong that it throws out leaves which fall into the hole. Even in hot summer, cold air penetrates through the opening between the rocks. In winter, the entire top plateau and its vicinity are covered with greenery. The place is popular with spotted salamanders (tens or even hundreds in favourable year) which love this place thanks to its humid and warm air in colder months.


How to get there

How to get to the place: the mountain range can be reached from several sides. The shortest route is from the north side passing along the former hunting manor in Mirkovce. You may be slowed down by orchards, thickets and the river (you have to cross it) on your way to the top. The second option is to reach the place from Žehňa (the route takes longer). The third, most comfortable route is crossing the ford of the Balka stream. Then, cross the meadow and hike along the forest trail until you reach the saddle between Malá and Veľká Zobrana. The turn to the ford is approximately in the middle of the road from Mirkovce to the settlement of Potôčk.

Route length: approx. 1,000 m

Estimated time: up to 50 minutes



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