Wooden Megaphone Zlatá Baňa

Wooden megaphone weighting 2.5 tons

The wooden megaphone near the municipality of Zlata Baňa lets you listen to the music of nature. The 4 – meter – long megaphone was designed by four young men from the civic association Hlas lesa (Voice of the Forest) and was built by 15 nature enthusiasts in their free time. The core of the megaphone consists of seven rings made of 63 parts. The rings are connected by three four-meter prisms. Sit comfortably in the megaphone and enjoy the sounds of nature. The huge 2.5 ton structure was made into the shape of a hexagonal pyramid on purpose as pyramids concentrate the rays and waves reflected from its walls to a single point. A person sitting near this point will hear amplified sounds coming from the surroundings. There are not very many attractions like this in Europe. You would have to hike all over to Estonia to see another one like this.


The wooden megaphone is located near the bike path connecting Prešov with the surrounding municipalities, about one km behind the village of Zlatá Baňa in Temný les (Dark Forest), 200 m from the gazebo and fireplace.

How to get there

The easiest way to find the way to a megaphone is to type “wooden megaphone” into the app Google maps. At the beginning of the bike path in Prešov, there are information boards that will guide you along the road leading through Kokošovce, Sigord, Zlatá Baňa up to the parking lot and to the megaphone itself.



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