Mlinská džurka – town of Veľký Šariš

Mlinská džurka – town of Veľký Šariš

The historical monuments of the town of Veľký Šariš – the steam locomotive “Mlinská džurka”.

One of the historical monuments of the town of Veľký Šariš is a steam locomotive. The locals call it “Mlinská džurka” (Mill’s Hole).

You can find the steam locomotive in the area of the Veľký Šariš railway station. It is mostly made of steel – the material of choice at the time of its construction. It is a simple steam machine and its individual parts are connected mainly by threads.
The locomotive was powered by a double steam engine which supplied wet steam to the internal parts using flat sliders. Steam was produced by a steam boiler burning solid fuel. The water tank is located in a special frame. The locomotive was connected to the wagons using chains and a safety coupler.
The well-preserved locomotive, without the original conical chimney, boiler fittings, three period lanterns and steam engine rods, weights only about 16 tons.
The historical value of the locomotive is incalculable. This is probably the oldest steam locomotive with a normal gauge (1,435 mm) in Slovakia. It was manufactured by the Munich locomotive factory Krauss & comp. in 1882 under serial number 1082 and type designation XXXIIb. The two-axle locomotive was designed for the Nagy Saroser Künstmühle (Veľký Šariš Mill) and was used in the mill until the 1960s. After the Second World War, it operated for a short time on the Prešov – Lipany line.
Technical parameters:
Year of production: 1882
Manufacturer: Krauss-Maffei Munich
Type: XXXIIb
Serial number: 1082
Dimensions: length 655 cm, width 240 cm, height 300cm


How to get here: You can find the train directly at the train station in Velký Šariš.



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