Šanec – Crosses at Šanec

Šanec is the name for a part of the wooded hill above the town of Sabinov located right by the Torysa river. Šanec is mainly used for recreation and due to its proximity to the city (you can reach it directly from the main road) is a popular spot in every season. Walking along the ridge, you can reach Kohút in 2-3 hours.

On Good Friday in 1990, the Salesian youth celebrated here the Way of the Cross carrying a wooden birch cross all the way to Šanec. This cross then served as wood for the hearth. At that time, Mr. Bartholomew Rokošný came up with an idea of building a permanent cross there. The cross was made by the carpenter Alfonz Kuchár. The way to the cross is lined by smaller wooden crosses, 14 in total – like the stops of the Way of the Cross. Šanec offers a nice view of the panorama of Sabinov and the surrounding villages.


How to get there

How to reach Šanec: Šanec is accessible from virtually all sides. The foot of the hill can be reached along several paths. Some with a gradual ascent, some more challenging. The top of the hill is flat – the size of a small football field. 

Route length: varies according to the starting point, usually up to 1 km

Estimated time: 30 minutes without a break

Difficulty: suitable for all ages