Death Valley – Dragon’s Teeth

Anti-tank barrier – pyramid – Dragon’s Teeth

The “Death Valley” is an area where the most difficult tank battles of Soviet troops took place from October 25 to 27, 1944 after they crossed the Czech-Slovak border. It is a valley in the Ondavská Highlands created by the Svidničanka stream. The valley was named after the largest tank battle that took place in the valley during the Battle of the Dukla Pass. The anti-tank barrier – pyramid – Dragon’s tooth.

As armored vehicles and especially tanks underwent significant improvements over the course of the war, they often decided the outcome of a battle. For this reason, the active and passive anti-tank means were deployed all around the country. The intention was clear – to slow down the tanks and direct them to a zone where they could be easily neutralized with anti-tank weapons. “Dragon’s teeth” were heavily used around Europe. The Germans placed them along the Siegfried Line and the Atlantic Wall. Mines were often placed between individual “dragon’s teeth” to destroy tanks. The triangular needles were usually placed in a row in the direction from the enemy’s supposed advance.
Once every two years, 200 extras reenact this fierce battle. The next “performance” is scheduled for autumn 2014.


How to get there

At the monument displaying the Soviet T-34 tank conquering the German tank, turn towards the Death Valley. You will pass the village of Kapišová. The Death Valley is located in the cadastre of the village of Kružlová. The journey takes less than 40 minutes on foot or a few minutes by car. Along the roads you will find remnants of well-preserved combat equipment.



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