Wooden Greek Catholic Church of St. Luke, Krivé

The wooden Greek Catholic church in the municipality of Krivé, dedicated to the Holy Apostle and evangelist Luke, is massive yet simple.
The log building stands on stone foundations which gradually disappear towards the west side. The building has a rectangular floor plan with a polygonal sanctuary, an extended nave and a square tower. The tower rises from the vestibule. It is vertically lined with boards and slats and is topped by a Baroque-style lantern with an onion dome and a cross. Inside there are two bells. One of the bells dates from 1826 – the year of the temple construction. Thanks to the simple gabled roof, the church different stands out from other typical churches found in the near municipalities.
The church has three rooms. The first room (the entrance) is called the vestibule. In the past, it was a place reserved for penitents. Symbolically, it represents the purgatory or the suffering Church.
There is the nave where locals gather during mass and ceremonies. From a symbolic point of view, the nave represents all Christians living on earth. The third part, which is located behind the iconostasis – the picture wall, is called the sanctuary. It represents the kingdom of heaven. Rare iconostasis consists of icons from different time periods. The main tier features a royal door with medallions of evangelists and scenes of the Annunciation. There are also icons of St. Nicholas, the Mother of God, Christ the Teacher and St. Apostle Luke which date from the beginning of the 18th century. The iconostasis has four tiers (bit reddish in places). The blue colour on the royal door frames is unusual. The columns and frames of the icons are gilded, the royal door is decorated with bunches of grapes.
No iconostas in Slovakia is in such a good condition as this oneThere is also cross dating from the 17th century, an icon of the Crucifixion from the 19th century and an icon of the Martyred Christ from the 18th century. In the center of the icon is Christ with the wounds.


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