Wooden Church of St. Paraskeva, (Nová Polianka) Svidník

The Church of St. Paraskeva is a wooden sacral building that originally stood in Nová Polianka, and is currently located in the open-air museum in Svidník. It is dedicated to St. Paraskeva and was built in 1766. In November 1944, during the Battle of the Dukla Pass, the church was heavily damaged. Immediately after the war, it was renovated by the locals. It was dismantled in 1961 and installed in the open-air museum in Svidník in 1986. The locals built a new church – the Church of St. Peter and Paul in 1937.

The floor plan of the church consists of three longitudinal rooms – the presbytery, the nave and the matroneum. The arrangement emphasizes the power of the Holy Trinity. The church faces the east, as is the tradition. The iconostasis is the work of masters from the 18th century and comes from another sacral building.

The building is made of conifer wood and is mounted on a simple stone masonry. The log beams and prisms were joined using pins, spikes and mortise and tenon joints – the oak pins were driven into the holes made in the beams and no metal nails were used. The windows face south. The roof is covered with shingles, richly decorated in the lower parts with a lace trim. The west tower is the highest part of the church and its architectural style differs from the nave and presbytery.
Church services have been held in here since 1993.


How to get there

Museum of Ukrainian Culture in Svidník
Ethnographic exposition in nature – an open-air museum



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