Ski resort Ski Buče

Ski Buče – skiing – cross-country skiing – ski mountaineering. The Renčišov – Búče ski resort is located 28 km northwest of Prešov. The resort has favourable skiing conditions season-round thanks to the abundance of natural snow and snowmaking equipment. The resort has 5 ski lifts with a length of 760, 470, 430, 380 and 2 × 160 m with a total capacity of 2,000 people / hour, downhill runs are of all levels, their total length is 4 km. For more experienced skiers, there is a Lipovecká 400-meter-long ski slope and a VL 1000 ski lift with two medium-difficult slopes. Skilled skiers will enjoy the IAMESACKA 620 meters longs ski slope while snowboarders should opt for the Lačnovská ski slope. Cross-country skiers should not miss the popular cross-country trails near the area – Biathlon trail with the length of 3 km, Malý Lipovecký circuit with the length of 5 km, Bachureňská track of 8 km and the circuit Okolo Mindžovej (Around Mindžová) with the length of 7 km. Ski mountaineering – the resort offers a number of ski mountaineering routes suitable for both beginners and advanced fans of this winter sport. The Alpine-style ridge of the mountain range offers a number of breathtaking views of the highest mountains in Slovakia. The resort’s chalet Bukvica with delicious food is a great place to relax and unwind after a long day. There is a ski school, children’s ski lift and an anchor lift for those more advanced.


How to get there

The Renčišov – Búče ski resort is located 28 km northwest of Prešov. You can reach the resort from Renčišov, where there is a parking lot. The upper car park by the lifts (1.5 km from the lower car park) is accessible by ski bus, car with 4 × 4 drive or car with snow chains.



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