Medical singletrack Herkules

The singletrack Hercules for cyclists and pedestrians. At the end of the town of Bardejov in the direction of Bardejovské Kúpele you will find the mountain bike route with a total length of 1,330 m and an elevation gain of 60 meters. As it is much wider than the usual bike paths, it is especially suitable for families with children, hence the name FAMILY singletrack. The FAMILY singletrack is part of the group of medical singletracks – each named after the local healing spring. It is located in the beautiful natural environment of the Bardejov Municipal Forests above Bardejovské Kúpele. Together with the Čerešenka and the Napoleon routes it forms a 4,610 m long set of bike paths.
Singletracks have groomed surface. It is an easy trail with an average elevation of up to 8%, tilted curves and wavy terrain now and then. This FAMILY singletrack was built under the supervision of trained trail builders from IMBA. Source and photo: OOCR Region Šariš Bardejov


As the singletrack is quite easy, we recommend it for families with children.

How to get there

It starts at the upper end of the Oxygen Track (at the waterworks) and rises smoothly over the spa. It leads slightly downhill to the finish line by the gazebo.



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