Linden Alley Župčany

Unique Linden Alley Župčany

The linden alley belongs to the natural gems of this Šariš municipality and is included in the list of natural and cultural monuments.
The path between the trees leads to a nearby grove, where local herbalists used to go to pick medicinal herbs.
There are more than 50 small-leaved linden trees in the alley, and conservationists estimate that these trees are more than a hundred years old. The locals claim that they are even older. Walks along the alley were popular not only with the rich, like the local landowner Puľský, but also with the poor. The owner of the Župčany manor house used to walk his dog under the bushy trees to the nearby forest – a popular spot among local healers who picked medicinal herbs there. Even though today the alley is lined with new buildings, it is still worth a visit, either on foot or by bike.


How to get there

You will find the Linden Alley at the edge of the municipality in a side street if you enter from the direction of Prešov.