Bike path Šomská to Lysá

The bike path in the Čergov mountains. The “Šomská bike path” is a cycling circuit for mountain bikes in the Čergov mountains leading from Drienica in the district of Sabinov along the forest trail to the cottage Šport, which is known for its excellent cuisine (you can also book a room there). The bike path is marked by wooden signposts and a green bicycle sign. Its total length is about ten kilometers. The Šomská bike path is quite demanding and extremely steep in some sections. However, those who long for adventure will appreciate this adrenaline cycling experience complemented by beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The most intense experience is the ascent to Lysá with an altitude of 1,068 meters which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding region and the Čergov Mountains.


How to get there

Route: the circuit leads from Drienica (Sabinov district) along the forest trail to the Šport cottage, via Boguš and back. The bike path is marked with wooden signposts and thanks to the quickly changing terrain of various difficulty it never gets boring. The bike path connects to the newly built bike path from Sabinov to Drienica.
Length: about ten kilometers
Estimated time: 2.5 hours



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