The Zlá Diera cave (Evil Hole)

The Zlá Diera cave (Evil Hole)

The Zlá Diera cave was created in limestone and dolomite extending here all the way from the sandstone mountains Bachureň. Zlá Diera is the only known and accessible cave in the Prešov district (near the municipality of Lipovce). The cave is unique as no electricity has been introduced there (carbides or own light) and visitors are required to wear helmets. About 250 bats of 12 species winter in the cave. The most numerous are lesser horseshoe bats and large bats. The basic tour takes about 40 minutes and is physically undemanding, suitable for small children. Sturdy shoes and warmer clothing are needed (average temperature is in the cave is 7°C). 


How to get there

The cave:
In the direction from Prešov to Poprad (road no. 18, E50) take a right turn just in front of Fričovce to Šindliar and Lipovce. After passing Lipovce, continue towards Lačnov. After 2 km, you will reach a car park. Continue on foot for about 17 minutes through a meadow, then along a forest trail. The trail is marked, there are rest areas with breathtaking views. 



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