The Sleeping Monk Kamenica

Sleeping monk Kamenica – natural rock formation. The rock formation is part of the ridge which stretches from Záhorie through Súľov, Orava, Pieniny and further down towards Romania. The rock of unusual shape probably served as an idol to ancient civilizations. Over the millennia, its appearance has not changed even the slightest bit. The oldest preserved name of the rock is “Sleeping Giant”. Around the 10th century AD it was renamed the “Sleeping Monk” to honour the newly adopted Christian faith. The area was the home of Benedictine monks who built their centre above Kamenica. The local name “Remety” testifies of the presence of hermits living in the area. The newer names include: Sleeping Prince, Indian, Stone Woman, Stone Grandma and Sleeping Virgin. These names were given to the rock thanks to its shape – it resembles a lying man. Those with good eyes can see a huge human-like head, neck and chest already from the road. In the centre of the rock there is the “Gate of Paradise” – a cave facing the east. In the past, it was though the place had magical powers – when the sun shone through the “gate” on important days of the calendar year, like the solstice equinoxes, the whole world seems to stop. Nearby is the so-called Perun Cave, which is open on both sides, about four meters high, with a length of almost 12 meters (some features are artificial). There are a large number of paintings and figures on the rocks centred around the Sleeping Monk. In the past, the locals dug out a ditch next to the rock to make the natural formation look like a sleeping figure. As the “monk” lied there alone, the locals decided to liven the place up and made animal-like figures from the rocks found nearby (a mouse and a falcon are the most notable ones). On the right side the rock is finished with a massive sculpture (estimated at 12 to 15 meters) – a mysterious mythical face with large rectangular dragon eyes called Kukla. The face resembles a character from the legendary Czech fairy tale Kukla – Golem. On the right side you will find a separate cone-shaped rock. Opposite the rock is a rocky natural trail.
The sleeping monk Kamenica is one of several natural rock shrines found in the immediate vicinity (noteworthy is Sokoľ – Sokolia skala (Eagle’s Rock).


How to get there

The Sleeping Monk is located above the municipality of Kamenica and is clearly visible from a distance. It can be reached in 20 minutes by a short walk from the car park by the road in the direction: Prešov – Lipany – Stará Ľubovňa.



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