The Diablova diera cave (Devil’s Hole)

The Diablova diera cave (Devil’s Hole)

The cave is a rare natural phenomenon and an example of river bifurcation in a mountainous environment. Through the valley (the Šariš side) and under the Branisko saddle flows a river which turns and meanders through the Šariš Highlands and springs on the Spiš side by the Devil’s Spring. Some of the water flows into the Devil’s Hole – a cave in the limestone under the mountain massif, and flows out as the Bystrík stream. Velká Svinka (formed by the same underground river) continues to the confluence with Malá Svinka – forming the river Svinka. According to the local legend, at the confluence used to stand a tavern owned by a greedy innkeeper. The innkeeper got into a fight with the devil because he wanted more than the devil could give him. The devil got angry, hoofed, and the tavern and the innkeeper fell through the ground, leaving a huge hole behind. Today, the submerged cave is located under a rock overhang. The entrance is small and to get to it, two steep and narrow riffles must be crossed. Behind them is an arched corridor with a descent, about 120 m long. Even though the cave is accessible, we do not recommend doing it for safety and environmental reasons. Be sure to visit the place if you happened to hike near the pass to Smrekovica.


The Devil’s Hole is easily accessible. The easiest way to reach it is from the Branisko pass -a parking lot at the end of the winding road.

How to get there

How to get to the there: From the Praise the God Chapel, follow the yellow tourist mark. You will reach the spring in about 20 minutes. Prepare for a steeper descent and, if you go back, a steep ascent. The entrance to the cave is located next to the field road leading to the cottage area (blue tourist mark) on the Šariš side of Branisko. You can get to the other end of the cave by following the yellow tourist mark along the Spiš side of Branisko.



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