Forest educational trail Čierna Mláka

Forest educational trail and lookout tower:

The forest educational trail starts above the lake. It has the shape of a snowman and consists of three circuits of varying difficulty.

► 1st circuit FIR – difficult – length 1.9 km – elevation gain 100 m,  

► 2nd circuit BEECH – moderate – length 3.7 km – elevation gain 220m,

► 3rd circuit MAPLE – difficult – length 3.9 km – elevation gain 290 m.

The entrance to the educational trail is truly stylish – a wooden entrance gate with an information map with basic information about the trails. The trail is 4,460 meters long and features 18 stops. There is a wooden lookout tower at the tenth stop overlooking the Zborov Castle. There is also an information board with basic information about the castle, a stone terraced viewpoint overlooking the main ridge of the Čergov Mountains, St. Hubert’s Chapel, a monster emerging from the pond at Zimná studňa (Winter Well) and many other interesting objects. Benches, wells and a log fireplace are a matter of course.  


You can reach Bardejovské Kúpele by local public transport. The yellow tourist mark will take you to the educational trail directly from the bus terminus. 

How to get there

You can reach the educational trail from the lake in the valley; how to get there – from the center along the yellow tourist mark walk for about 0.8 km towards Zborov and in front of the lake take the paved road for about 0.5 km.



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