Lačnov anomaly

Lačnov gravitational anomaly.

The world is full of peculiarities and Lačnov is not different. If you go from Lipovce towards Lačnov, you will experience what locals call a “gravitational anomaly”. When you walk the road, you feel like you are going down the hill, while the opposite is true – try it, we dare you! Place the bottle on the road and watch which direction it takes. You can also start the engine of the car and watch  what happens – the car goes up the hill instead of going down! This mystery was investigated and three explanations were offered – gravitational field anomaly, geomagnetic field anomaly or a simple eye illusion. Following various measurements, surveyors finally came to the conclusion that the anomaly, in fact, is an optical illusion. It is said to be caused by the landscape around the hill, the way trees grow in the area and a curved horizon. Try it yourself – by looking at the road you would expect to go down the hill when actually you feel your legs working out as you are going up the hill. In any case, this place is worth visiting as there are not very many places like this in the world (the nearest one is in China!).


How to get there

You will find the road between Lipovce and Lačnov.



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