Manor House, Rožkovany

Baroque – classicist manor house Rožkovany

Throughout the Middle Ages, Rožkovany was owned by several landowners – Roskovanyi family in the 16th century, in the 19th century the Bánóv family, the Péchy family, the Czabalay family and the Sentyvany family. One of the most prominent owners of the municipality was the Roskovanyi family, which derived its name from the name of the municipality. The family ruled over the municipality until the twentieth century. Bishop Augustín of Nitra, who had a new church built here in 1858 at his own expense, was a member of this family.

Around 1600, there were 48 farmsteads, manors, a manorial mill, a rectory, a church and a school. The Szentyványi family left behind the only memorial non-church building in the municipality – a manor house from 1770. The manor house first belonged to the Czabaláyi family, later it was taken over by the Roskovanyi family and then by the Szentivanyi family. Landowners living in the village had their own mansions. The manor houses were named after the families: Roskovanyi, Czabalayi, Bánov and Pechyi. In 1976, Bánov family manor house had to be demolished due to its sorry state and an apartment building was built in its place. The Péchyi manor house, dating from 1750, was bought by the local school. In 1929, Roskovanyi manor house was bought by the Girova and Plavčanova families.

The manor house is a Baroque-Classicist single-storey two-wing building with a partially protruding central avant-corps terminated by a triangular pediment on a seven-axis main façade. The façade is divided by frames with ornamental corner strips. The building is built of stone, but the vaults, including the basement, are made of bricks. There is a basement below the ground floor. There is only one entrance to the manor house – a raised platform to which a wide stone staircase leads from the courtyard in the west side of the estate. There were six rooms and one large hall in the manor. The manor house changed owners several times and in the second half of the 20th century it served as a school, library and cinema.


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