The “Lower” Manor House Raslavice

The “Lower” Manor House Raslavice

The Classicist “Lower” Manor House, Raslavice

In the Middle Ages, the municipality of Raslavice was one of the many medium-sized settlements existing in the region. Over the time, it was owned by various aristocratic families. The majority of the population subsisted on agriculture, of which only about a third farmed on their own estates. We do not know when exactly was the estate divided into three parts. The first part of the estate (the “Upper” manor house (now the Monastery of St. Joseph) was sold to the inhabitants of the municipality around 1900. The second part of the estate was owned by the Bertoti family and the third largest part was owned by the Hedry family. The “Lower” manor house was built in the Classicist style in the middle of the 19th century. It was inherited by Hedry’s daughter, who married the landowner Hoľan. He shot himself after a few years for an unknown reason. After his death, his wife together with her two sons tried to run the estate but without much success. After a while they sold the estate. The last owners of the manor house were Hungarians – Mr. Czehy and his son. However, they argued a lot and after one heated argument the father shot himself. After the WWI, the young Czehy had the manor house and other buildings repaired. During that time, the servants acquired greater rights, so it proved increasingly difficult for young Czehy to manage the estate. After a while, he was forced to sell off some property. The manor house is currently privately owned.


Obec Raslavice
Hlavná 154 /30
086 41 Raslavice
Tel.: 00421-(0)-54-488 2098
Starosta: +421-(0)-915 546 655

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