Manor House, Petrovany

Baroque-Classicist manor house Petrovany.

The Baroque-Classicist manor house with a park is situated on the slope in the center of Petrovany. The descendants of the nobleman Sinka, who adopted the surname “Szentpétery” in the 15th century, owned two real estates in Petrovany – the lower manor house by the church and the upper one by the road towards Prešov, where there was also a mill. In 1756, Maria Theresa awarded the Klobušický family the title of Count, and in the same year František Klobušický’s grandson, Žigmund, had a new Baroque manor house built on the site of the former Szentpétery Renaissance manor house. The manor house served as a hunting lodge for wealthy families. Later, through various sales, the manor house served as a storage, a state children’s home and an institute for mentally and physically challenged children. The area of ​​the manor consists of a farmland, courtyard and a natural landscape. The courtyard consists of an oval green area a road. The oval green area with symmetrically planted conifers faces the main entrance to the manor house. Northwest of the main building is an ice house with Baroque features. In the north-western part of the park, there is a newly constructed Monastery of the Dominican Sisters with an orchard.
The park combining features of landscaped and natural areas was created near the Baroque-Classicist manor house at the end of the 19th century, replacing an older rural garden. The park used to be larger in the past. Later, however, as the  manor house got fenced off, the disposition of the manor house itself changed and the plot was divided into smaller subplots, shrinking the park. Originally, the old building was fenced off with a protective rampart – a moat, which the Count Klobušický had filled in, however, and left only a small pond in that place. Other administrative and production buildings along with a gatehouse were also added. The park forms a unified complex with the manor house.


Kaštieľ Petrovany
Petrovany 114
08253 Petrovany
tel: 0950 835 085

Kaštieľ nie je voľne prístupný, preto v prípade záujmu o návštevu odporúčame kontaktovať správcu a dohodnúť si prehliadku.

Areál barokovo-klasicistického kaštieľa s parkom je situovaný v miernom svahu západnej expozície v centrálnej polohe obce Petrovany.



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