Burgher houses of Bardejov

Burgher houses of Bardejov were influenced by the division of the town into building plots. Mostly one-storey houses sectioned by three axes were built on the square and single-storey houses in the side streets. The length of the plot determined the rectangular floor plan of the house as a double wing. Almost every house was also used for business purposes, so a passageway stretched through the entire ground floor. From the hallway one would enter the rooms, the inner staircase to the first floor and the stairs to the cellar. The rooms were arranged in a row. The entrances were lined and decorated with stone portals. The portal above the front room entrance was usually the most magnificent. The living and representative rooms on the first floor had windows facing the square. There was a kitchen and utility room in the back. Portals, staircases and various niches in the walls were decorated with stone ornaments, while facades and representation rooms were adorned with wall painting decoration. All burgher houses are considered to be rare and have their own rich history.


Meštianske domy nájdete na Radničnom námestí: Meštiansky dom na Rhodyho ulici č.1 , Meštiansky „Gantzaughov” dom na Radničnom nám. č. 13 , Budova bývalého „Mestského domu” na Radničnom nám. č. 16, Meštiansky dom na Radničnom nám. č. 26 , Meštiansky dom na Radničnom nám. č. 41, Meštiansky tzv. „Vínny dom” na Radničnom nám. č. 42.



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