Town Hall Square of Bardejov

Bardejov was based on an irregular checkerboard floor plan. The basic floor plan of the town consists of blocks of houses divided by a regular street network connected to the square. The centre of the town consists of a rectangular square with an area of 260 x 80 meters, surrounded on three sides by 46 burgher houses, built on typical narrow medieval plots of land, perpendicular to the square. The fourth, northern side is defined by the dominant feature of the town – the Gothic parish church – the Basilica Minor of St. Giles, which is connected by a common wall with the historic renaissance building of the town – humanitarian school. Its counterpart is the centrally located representative early Renaissance building of the Town Hall. The main traffic artery connecting the lower and upper gates also passed through the square. All major streets of the historic centre are directed to the square. In the Middle Ages, the square itself had the hallmark of a market square, on which fairs were held on the basis of the privileges granted. One of the most important privileges was the granting of the right to hold an annual eight-day fair in the town. The privilege was granted in 1320 by King Charles Robert.  The paving of the square was originally formed by cobble’s stones, set in a sand bed. In the years 1963-1966, this was replaced by paving made of pebbles, which were laid in a concrete bed.


Mesto Bardejov
Radničné námestie 16
085 01 Bardejov
(+421) 54 / 48 62 122



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