Ponds Uzovský Šalgov

Where frogs migrate and rare birds nest. In 1933 and 1934, Count Pécha had a system of ponds dug on the Šalgovec stream. These became famous around the area. The locals called them the Count’s Ponds (Pánske rybníky). The owner raised carp and pike there. There was also a duck farm nearby. Poultry was raised in the area in socialism.
Due to the fauna present, the ponds in Uzovský Šalgov rank among the important water areas in the region of northern Šariš. The ponds are also important in terms of avifauna. At the time of migration and nesting, there live bird species whose closest nesting places and places of stop during migration periods are known to be located 30 km south and 70 km north of this locality. Not only 11 ponds, but also the surrounding trees and especially herbaceous plants are of great importance for the local fauna. Aquatic macrophytes (reed, broadleaf cattail and narrowleaf cattail) are popular nesting places. The bird species which found their home at the ponds include the marsh duck, the grey heron and the great reed warbler, the common swallow and the sand martin. There are ten ponds in the area, one of them serves as a catcher in times of great influx of water. There are also several half-hectare ponds, 40-acre ponds and one which is over a hectare. Every spring, the municipality is taken over by migrating frogs which move from their wintering grounds in forests and gardens to breeding sites – the Šalgovské ponds. The main migration route for these animals is located near the signpost at the outskirts of the municipality. To avoid killing the frogs, the municipality builds barricades to transfer them to the ponds safely. The total number of frogs that moves from wintering grounds to breeding sites is around 1,442 a year (1,355 common toads and 87 common frogs). 


An educational trail is built around the ponds – learn about their history, technical equipment placed in the vicinity and animals and plants that have become domesticated there as you stroll around. The ponds are currently used as a fishing ground. For more information, contact the Municipal Office of Uzovský Šalgov.

How to get there

Ponds are located at the outskirts of the municipality from the direction of Ražňany. 



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