Oxygen Track Mihaľov

Oxygen Track Mihaľov. Southwest of the town of Bardejov at an altitude of 487 m above sea level is the district of Mihaľov. The first written record on the settlement of Bardejovský Mihaľov (at that time under the German name Michelohaw) dates back to the 15th century. The settlement was founded by several settlers including Michal. The Slovak name of the settlement originated from the name Michal (in local dialect). The first mention of the name Bardejovský Michalov dates back to the period of Hungarianization – Bartfa Michalov (as depicted on period plaques showing horse-drawn carriages). Today, Mihaľov is a district of Bardejov.
In this part of the town you will find almost 3 km-long tourist and relaxation track “Oxygen Track Mihaľov”. There are 19 stops with jungle gyms along the track. There is also a gazebo with a capacity of 20 people to sit under the roof and 10 people by the fireplace. The track also includes 2 information boards and a rest area with seating at 3 tables.


Bardejovský Mihaľov lies in the valley between two opposite slopes of the Low Beskids Mountains southwest of the town of Bardejov at an altitude of 487 m.