Lookout Tower at Kráľova studňa (King’s Well) 773 m. above sea level

The lookout tower of the three kings. The lookout tower stands in the immediate vicinity of the Slovak – Polish state border above the municipality of Lenartov, in the locality of Kráľova studňa (King’s Well). The lookout tower has 4 floors and is 14 meters high, which makes it the highest lookout tower in the Bardejov district. It was built by members and sympathizers of the Civic Association Kráľova studňa (King’s Well) from Lenartov. At the lookout tower you will find tables, benches with a fireplace and a well – the famous King’s Well with high-quality drinking water. The place breaths with royal history.
At the end of the 19th century, a trade route from Poland to Galicia led through the area of ​​ Lenartov. This is evidenced by the ruins of the Kráľova studňa inn, which was one of the very popular stops along the route. In 1471 the then Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus met with the Polish king Casimir IV. Jagiellonian and his son St. Casimir, who is the patron saint of Poland, at that place. That is why Poles call this place “the well of three kings”. 


How to get there

How to get there from the lookout tower: from the municipality of Obručné along the red-marked hiking trail and the ridge; from Lenartov take the red-marked hiking trail which leads over the cemetery and meadows to the lookout tower.

Length of the route: 5,000m from Obručne, 4,000 m from Lenartov

Estimated time: from Obručne 1 hour and 15 minutes, from Lenartov 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Difficulty: the hike is quite easy, suitable for all ages.