Jánošík’s bastion (523 meters above sea level)

Jánošík’s bastion (523 meters above sea level)

Jánošík’s bastion is a rock limestone formation located west of the village Kysak above the Hornád valley. It is a dominant natural feature of the surrounding area. Standing on the rock, visitors can soak in breathtaking views of the panorama of the valley with the river Hornád, the Humenec nature reserve, the villages of Veľká Lodina and Malá Lodina, the panorama of the mountains Slanské vrchy and also the castle hill with the ruins of Kysak Castle. Jánošík’s bastion is a popular spot with climbers.


How to get there

The route from the municipality of Kysak to Jánošík’s bastion takes approximately 75 minutes. The way back is shorter, it takes only around 60 minutes.

You can reach Jánošík’s bastion from Kysak along a red marked tourist trail called the Path of the Heroes of the Slovak National Uprising (Cesta hrdinov SNP).



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