Dubová Hora Nature Reserve

Rock complex Džad, Mohylky, Kamenná tvár (the Stone Face).

In the southwestern part of the municipality of Okružná you will find a beautiful nature reserve Dubová Hora (5th protection level declared in 1983). This area is of great importance for phytosociology (plant sociology) thanks to the abundant occurrence of unique plants and herbs. This is also a place where you will find a unique rock complex – a natural rock formation called Džad (read it as Jad). It consists of two dominant large rock cliffs, one below the tourist trail, the other higher above it, in which there is also a “window”. The name Džad comes from the original name Diad, meaning grandfather. The bottom of the upper rock (“window”) is about 6 m long and about 3.5 m deep.
The natural rock formation Mohylky is located on the top of the hill of the same name, on the northernmost ridge of the mountains Slanské vrchy, southeast of Okružná. It stands at an altitude of 817.4 m. The top massif of Mohylky has the shape of an elongated pyramid.
The natural formation Kamenná tvár (the Stone Face) is located at the end of the side ridge, which rises northeast of the top of Mohylky. It stands at the northern end of the ridge. Actually, the rock was created by a lava flow which hardened after being expelled from within the mountain. The weathering and weather conditions, together with the natural properties of the rock created a unique relief that resembles features of a human face. When looking long enough, you may begin to recognize the main features of a human face (eyes, nose, mouth …), as if carved in stone.


How to get there

The nature reserve is accessible along a green-marked tourist trail leading from the municipality of Podhradík. The access is from the municipality of Okružná is the most difficult due to a significant height difference. In the near future, an educational circular trail Mohylky copying the current tourist trail is planned.



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