Manor House, Želmanovce

The Classicist manor house of the Banó family – Želmanovce

The Classicist manor house was built around 1820. It is a ground-floor block building with a columned portico on the main façade. The portico consists of four Doric fluted columns and is topped by a triangular tympanum with a stylized stone relief featuring the family coat of arms.
The façade is divided by a continuous horizontal ledge at the height of the window sills. Above the windows are semi-circular recessed areas framed by semi-circular pediments. The original plumbing elements have been preserved on the roof – a ventilation dormer made of sheet metal and a turret at the end of the roof ridge. The rooms have flat ceilings, in the northern part rooms have barrel vaults with lunette sections. East of the manor house is a two-storey granary.
Next to the manor house is a historic park, of which only the linden alley and several original trees have been preserved. A unique part of the park is a small forest-like area – a smooth transition between landscaped and naturally growing greenery. Stables used to stand there.
Opposite the entrance to the manor house behind the road is the house of the estate administrator. This building fulfilled both an economic and a residential function. The house has three living rooms and a kitchen. One of the rooms was used to accommodate seasonal workers. All rooms have beamed ceilings and tiled stoves. One part of the building also served as a barn and space for carriages. Today it houses the Municipal Office.


Obecný úrad
Želmanovce č. 24
086 44 Kuková
Tel.: +421 54 732 28 61, mobil: 0918 614 491

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