Manor House Kuková

Rococo-Classicist manor house of the Bán family – Kuková

In the municipality of Kuková there is a remarkable Rococo-Classicist manor house built between 1770 and 1780. The manor house belonged to the Bán family who lived in Kuková from the 16th century until 1945 and owned almost half of the municipality’s area including a distillery. The manor house is a one-storey three-winged building, on the south side with a court into which a portico opens. The northern façade has a protruding three-axis risalit and is divided by pilasters. Above the windows are folded window ledges under which are plastic shells. In the main hall there is a vaulted vault with rich stucco decor. The building has a mansard roof above the main wing and a hip roof above the side wings. The manor house included farm buildings – granaries.

As part of the restitution proceedings, the municipality handed over the manor house to the direct descendant of the last owner who also owned large areas in the cadastre of Kuková and its wider surroundings – Pavel Bán. He was forced to leave his manor house in 1945. Together with his father Arpád, Pavol is buried in the premises of the Evangelical Church in Kuková.


Obec Kuková
Kuková č. 74
086 44

Kaštieľ je v súkromných rukách. Stojí v strede obce, pri kostole.



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