Castle Lipovce

The smallest castle in the Šariš region – Lipovce Castle

Lipovce stone castle was built by the Merse family at the beginning of the 13th century in the wider area of the village of Lipovce. It was built as an early Gothic royal castle that would guard the safety of roads leading through the Lipovce valley from Šariš to Spiš or vice versa. It was built at a strategic location at the end of the narrow, rugged promontory of the Branisko mountain range.

The castle was demolished during the kuruc wars. Despite the fact that the ruins of Lipovce Castle are little known, it is certainly worth a visit not only for its high stone tower, offering a nice view of the Lačnov Canyon, but also for the preserved remains of the castle walls. The little-known, hidden remains of Lipovce Castle are located west of the village of Lipovce, on the ridge of Jazvečí Hill (altitude of Zámčisko, 618 m. above sea level) above the well-known Lačnov Canyon. Although the castle is a ruin now, it is still an interesting work of art located in the attractive environment of the sharp, rocky ridge of the Branisko mountain range. When you look down the hill, the former castle moat is clearly visible to your left hand, the steep slopes of the Lačnov Canyon to your right hand. A little further along the ridge, there is a nice rocky lookout with a view of the gorge, Kamenná Baba and Column of Moses.


How to get to the castle: from Lipovce follow the red tourist mark. At the marked spot, take the path leading to the cottage Kamenná Baba. The path is well-marked and leads directly to the cottage. Just before you reach the cottage, turn left and take a dirt road (you can get here by car), which leads through a meadow to a building under construction. After a few meters, get off the road to the right and climb up the pasture, under the ridge of Jazvečí Hill to the meadow in the saddle. The elevation of the Lipovce Castle is similar to that of Zámčisko (618 m. above sea level). The entire route from the parking lot to the forest path to the castle is marked by signposts and tourist marks.

The most convenient access to the castle is from the state road Lipovce – Lačnov, west of Lipovce (direction Fričovce) – along the red tourist mark, then take the path towards the cottage Kamenná Baba, continue through the meadow up the hill and along the ridge towards the forest path visible in the distance.
Route length: 2 000m
Estimated time:  40 minutes
Difficulty: suitable for all ages, uphill hike.



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