Kapušany Castle

Kapušany Castle is a castle ruin on the rocky outcrop of Zámčisko hill.

Kapušany Castle is located on the hill Zámčisko above Kapušany near Prešov. It was built at the beginning of the 15th century on the site of a former royal castle from the 13th century on a relatively steep hill. The castle protected the royal road that led from Prešov to Poland. Around 1410, the castle was given to Andrej Kappy, who demolished it and built a new, more massive fortified building in its place. In 1715, based on the decision of the Austro-Hungarian Parliament, the castle was destroyed. Today, the ruins of the castle are very well preserved and offer a beautiful view, especially of the hills Slanské vrchy, the valley of the river Sekčov and the hills Ondavská vrchovina.


How to get there

The journey to Kapušany Castle begins in Kapušany near Prešov at the local railway station. From there on, follow the green-marked path. After you reach the last houses, a short but steep ascent along a rocky path directly to the top of the castle hill awaits you. The other, less demanding route leads through the local forest.



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