Water Mill in Krivany

Cultural and technical monument from the 17th century.

In the cadastral territory of Krivany stands a remarkable building – a water mill from the 17th century. In the past, the water mill was driven by water fed to the top of a wooden wheel through a trough. The grain was ground between two large stones, later it was ground using the so-called “valky” (rolls). The mill was used until 1952 and produced mainly semolina, scrap and flour. The mill also produced electricity for its own use, as at that time the village was not connected to the distribution line. The neighbouring sawmill, which was all wooden, cut supplied wood into boards, prisms and planks. Due to nationalization in 1948 and the later forced entry into the cooperatives, the mill was closed and sealed in 1952 together with the sawmill.

In 1984, the mill was entered in the list of technical monuments. Despite that, the government did not allocate any funds to save it. In 1991, the restorative works began. In 1996, a civic association, the ZDRUŽENIE OCHRANÁROV HORNEJ TORYSY KAMENNÝ MLYN (ASSOCIATION OF PROTECTORS OF THE UPPER TORYSA KAMENNÝ MLYN), has been established. Its main goal is to restore the old water mill to its original functional state along with the water drive and the water wheel.


Združenie Kamenný Mlyn:
Ján Sabolík,
0907 533 681,



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