Bike path EXTREM 023 – MTB Alžbeta

MTB Alžbeta is a mountain bike path that runs along the entire mountain range Slanské hills from Prešov to the border with Hungary – Lake Israel. With a total length of 136 kilometers, it is one of the longest bike paths in the region. Up to 90% of the bike path leads through forests. We recommend it for those in good physical condition and with good skills. Even though the bike path it is not intended for families with children, some sub-sections are perfect for a one-day bike trip.

The MTB Alžbeta – Hermanovce – Javorová – Rudlov section is very demanding, either uphill or downhill. Either bypass the section or be prepared to walk along your bike a lot. The route was marked in 2007, most of the sign posts are in good condition, but some need to be repainted.


Bicycle rental and service

In most places in the Prešov region, there are bicycle shops which rent bikes and sell spare parts.


How to get there

The route starts in Pavlovce. However, if you are in Prešov, follow the blue mark which will lead you to Pavlovce. Even though the marking on the routes is maintained, we cannot guarantee anything. Therefore, we recommend visitors to be equipped with detailed maps. Find more routes at www.po–



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