Nižný Slavkov

A municipality on the border of four mountains. Located in altitude 520 m. above sea level on the border of Šariš Highlands, Bachurňa, Branisko and the mountains Levočské vrchy, in the valley of Slavkov stream. The name of the municipality is derived from the Slavic personal name Slavk, Slavek, or Slavko, derived from the name of the Slavkay family who lived there until the 19th century.

The first written record of Nižný Slavkov (document mentioning the church of St. Anna (the local chapel) and 12 houses) dates back to 1214. This ancient settlement was founded at the Via magna road connecting the Šariš region with the nearby Spiš region. Thanks to its large cadastral area (2,314ha) and rich forests and pastures the settlement was often a subject of fights between wealthy landowners. In the municipality there are also several rare sacral monuments from the 13th century, such as the late Romanesque chapel of St. Anna, which is part of the early Gothic church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, and two roadside chapels commemorating the Tartar invasion from the 13th century. A Classicist chapel of St. Ján Nepomuk from 1821, built by the count Ladislav Melczer, is also worth visiting. In addition to sacral monuments, the area is also rich in natural monuments, like Starý mlyn (Old Windmill) in the valley of Čierny močiar (Black Swamp) and cultural monuments like haylofts (barns) from the so-called Peasant village.


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