Čergov‘s Minčol

The highest peak of the Čergov mountain range with a height of 1,157 meters above sea level. Very nice hike to the highest point of Čergov – Minčol with an altitude of 1,157.2 meters above sea level. Minčol is a popular tourist destination where people and hiking enthusiasts from four districts – Stará Ľubovňa, Bardejov, Sabinov and Prešov meet every year. The event is called Meeting of Four Districts at Minčol. The route, with the exception of two steep sections, is relatively undemanding, as a large part of its leads along an asphalt road. It is nine kilometers long and takes about three hours to conquer. Be sure to make a little detour and visit the remains of the impressive Kamenický Castle with beautiful views. The route to the Minčol hill passes through beautiful forests and is full of pleasant places to relax. One of them is just behind the municipality – the Kamenica Farm where you can buy, among other things, 100% sheep cheese and bryndza. Another rest area is at the shelter below Minčol with a nearby spring.  For those who like to rest after they have reached the destination a bench with beautiful views awaits. The Sokolia rock (Eagle’s Rock) towering over the valley offers breathtaking views. The panoramic views can be enjoyed along the entire ridge to the top of Minčol, from where the Kamenický Castle can also be seen. From the top it is possible to continue north to the municipality of Obručné, Čirč or Bardejov, or to the opposite side towards the Čergov cottage.


How to reach the trail:

Bus: bus from Prešov in the direction of Stará Ľubovňa (bus stop Kyjov – rázcestie (crossroads).

Train: from Prešov to Pusté Pole via Lipany.

How to get there

Hike from the “Prešov” side: the route from the Pusté Pole railway station (575 m) is the most convenient. Follow the blue mark along the asphalt road to the municipality of Kyjov (673 m, 30 min.), then along the ridge above the Sokoľ valley, or the yellow tourist mark from Šarišské Jastrabie. The hike from the direction of Kamenica is also nice. From Potoky leads an unmarked yet very easy route. 

Hike from the “Bardejov” side: along the yellow tourist mark from Livovská Huta