Count’s park Hanušovce nad Toplou

An 18th-century park by the Dessewffy manor house. In the middle of the 18th century, an ornamental garden was built near the Great Manor House on the terraces in front of the south-eastern façade of the manor house. The terrace was arranged in line with the natural configuration of the terrain and the garden followed the Baroque style. It had been preserved in this form until the middle of the 19th century, when the garden was rebuilt into a natural landscape park. During World War II, all spruce standing in the vicinity of the Great Manor House were cut down and used in the construction of the Prešov-Strážske railway line in the years 1939 – 1943. The area of ​​the historical park was severely damaged by the newly built railway cutting through it in its NW part. Another disaster struck the park in the post-war years, when the construction of family houses began there. In 2014, an archeopark was built in the area of ​​the park.


Free entry. In the near future, the historic park at the Dessewffy manor house is scheduled to be restored.