Manor House in Giraltovce

Rare late Baroque mansion in Giraltovce

Baroque-classicistic manor house is from the 18th century. It was built by the Shemsei family. The single-storey block building with an asymmetrical axial arrangement on the main facade has arches above the entrance to the building and above some windows. The manor house has a garret roof. Its facilities with the surrounding park have been used for health care needs for many years. In the rooms there are barrel vaults with lunettes, Prussian and mirrored vaults.


Mestský úrad Giraltovce
Dukelská 75/77
087 01 Giraltovce
Tel.:+421 54  732 24 47

Kaštieľ sa nachádza v strede mesta, tesne vedľa evanjelického kostola.



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