Slanská bike path – Prešov – Červenica

Slanská bike path – Prešov – ČervenicaCycling along the Slanská bike path, which leads through the volcanic mountains of the Slanské vrchy along the asphalt road from the town of Prešov through the villages of Dulova Ves, KokošovceZlatá Baňa to Červenica, is an ideal way to spend a day. The bike path starts at the Solivar complex in Prešov, an important technical monument, and passes through the Sigord recreation area with a water reservoir. There you can find mineral springs (near Zlatá Baňa and Sigord), the former Pioneer Railway in Zlatá Baňa, or the SNP monument in Pusté Pole. Nature lovers, if lucky, can admire a protected greater pasque flower (in its own nature reserve). The bike path is marked with a red mark and is suitable for all age groups. One of the most interesting attractions in this part of Šariš is the world-famous Slovak Opal Mines. The largest known opal – Harlequin – was mined here in 1775. The opal is currently on display in the Natural History Museum in Vienna. 


How to get there 

The red-marked bike path starts at the Solivar complex in Prešov and is suitable for all age groups. 



Events in Šariš region


Saturday, April 27, 2024

Námestie sv. Martina, 082 12 Kapušany


Saturday, June 15, 2024

Sigord, 082 52 Kokošovce