Singletracks – City Forest Prešov

Singletracks – City Forest PrešovFans of cross-country cycling love Prešov’s singletracks – 8km of singletracks of varying difficulty with a total length of approximately twenty kilometersThese singletracks are also suitable for mountain bikers who love adrenaline. The surface of the tracks is covered by dampened clay. Watch out for occasional roots and stones sticking out of the track, bridges or sharp turns. Prešov singletracks are among the most attractive cycling areas in Prešov and its surroundings. They are well marked and maintained. Singletracks lead through Malkovská hôrkaCemjata (Kyslá / Kvašná voda), Haniska (Borkút) from which you can continue to the Prešov Calvary. You can relax on the top of Malkovská hôrka or at one of several Borkút’s tourist shelters. There is also a hiking trail around Borkút leading along interesting places. Above the village of Haniska on the Furča hill, a monument to the Peasant Uprising rises. It was built to commemorate the peasant uprising of 1831. 


Prešov singletracks are among the most attractive cycling areas in Prešov and its surroundings. They are well marked and maintained. 

How to get there 

You can start either at the winter stadium in Prešov or at Borkút in Haniska near Prešov, or follow the green tourist mark behind the Calvary. The route leads through Malkovská hôrka, which is a crossroads of hiking trails. From there either head to Cemjata (Kyslá / Kvašná voda) or Haniska (Borkút). From Haniska leads a hiking trail to the Prešov Calvary. 

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