Lookout tower Kamenná Hora (the Stone Hill)

Lookout tower Kamenná Hora (the Stone Hill)

The lookout tower Kamenná hora (the Stone Hill) Bardejov. The Kamenná hora lookout tower with a wonderful view of the town in the valley and the surrounding forests rises above the town of Bardejov. It is 9.6 m high and has two floors (the upper floor is covered by roof). On the first floor are three boards with information on nature and its protection and conservation. The lookout tower also hides a shelter with tables and benches for approximately 15 – 20 people. Next to the shelter is a fireplace with seating. 


The lookout tower is located between the town of Bardejov and Bardejovské Kúpele and promises an easy hike for the whole family.

How to get there

From Bardejovské Kúpele, follow the red tourist mark in the direction of the town of Bardejov. The hiking trail passes behind the church in the center. From the church to the lookout tower it is only a short hike (approx. 1 km). The trail is easy (only a short steeper section) and leads through the forest.
From Bardejov follow the red tourist mark in the direction of Bardejovské Kúpele (you can join the trail at Dlhý rad under the Town Hall Square, at the bus and train station, at Kaufland, at the “Preskoč múr”). If you head towards the lookout tower from the bus and train station, it is a pleasant 45 minutes’ walk (about 3,300 m). After you leave the build-up area, the route will lead you through the meadows and fields (there a slight ascent).



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