Bike path Prešov – City Hall – Bikoš – Veľký Šariš

Bike path Prešov – City Hall – Bikoš – Veľký Šariš

One of the popular bike paths in Prešov leads along the river Torysa. As it is without steep elevations, it is suitable for beginners, families with children and bicycle trailers. There are also several benches along the path overlooking the river. The bike path starts at the sports town hall in Prešov and ends in Veľký Šariš. Once there, you can hike to the remains of Šariš Castle, one of the most popular attractions in the vicinity of Prešov or enjoy the peace at the Roman Catholic Chapel of St. Kunhuta from the middle of the 14th century, which is extremely valuable due to the preserved Gothic architecture. Be sure to stop by the historical monument of the town – the oldest well-preserved steam locomotive in Slovakia made in 1882 at ​​the railway station Veľký Šariš. 


The bike path starts at the town hall, continues through Sídlisko III along the river Torysa and ends at the Church of St. James in Veľký Šariš. 



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