Bike path Lipany – Kamenica Castle – Lipany

Bike path Lipany – Kamenica Castle – Lipany. The circular bike path to Kamenica Castle with a length of 17 km begins in Lipany (be sure not to miss the main landmark – the national cultural monument the Church of St. Martin while there). In its vicinity grows a rare three hundred years old linden tree, which in 2011 was awarded the title the Tree of the Year. The Jewish cemetery is also an important national cultural monument. The route leads along unpaved roads and sidewalks through the forest and fields below Kamenica Castle, so we recommend it for mountain bikers. The unmissable remains of Kamenický Castle, which rise on a high cliff, offer wonderful views of the surroundings. The bike path returns to Lipany through the municipality of Lúčka. 


This bike path is not an official bike path, although it is marked on a signpost at the Špárová motorway in Lipany. Detailed information about the bike path is available at 

How to get there 

You can get to Lipany by train and bus. We recommend checking the bike transport conditions first. 



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Saturday, August 10, 2024

Dubovická roveň, Mlynská ulica, 08271 Lipany

Rodina, Divadlo, Festival

Sunday, August 11, 2024

Dubovická roveň, Mlynská ulica, 08271 Lipany


Saturday, July 13, 2024

Dubovická roveň, Mlynská ulica, 08271 Lipany