Wooden, originally Greek Catholic Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin, Varadka

The original wooden Greek Catholic church in the municipality of Varadka was built in the second half of the 18th century and was dedicated to the Protection of the Blessed Virgin. There are two theories about its demise. The first says that the temple was destroyed in the First World War. The other story claims the church was destroyed as early as 1827. A new wooden temple of the same consecration was built in 1924.
The temple is very simple (even though it stands on stone foundations). The building has three rooms and three towers topped with three crosses. The roofs of the towers are covered with tin. There are three bells hanging in the tower. Above the main tower and the nave are Greek Catholic ornate forged crosses which were later modified (the lower arm). Above the sanctuary is a decorative double-armed cross. The vestibule and the sanctuary are fitted with relatively high windows. The tower and the whole body of the temple are covered with boards. There are two entrances to the temple – the main one which leads to the vestibule and the second one which leads to the nave.
The iconostasis is not artistically valuable. It is believed that it was built in a hurry and was not even completed. It has two tiers and contains four main icons – St. Nicholas, the Mother of God, Christ the Teacher and the icon of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin. The royal door is atypical with four icons of evangelists. The door on sides is not fitted. The second tier features an unusual icon – the image of the Holy Family and the Last Supper. The third tier contains icons of apostles. The iconostasis is finished rather atypicaly – with two Ten Commandments plates. By decree of 2000, the church was transferred to the ownership of the Orthodox Church.


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Foto: Henryk Bielamowicz