Wooden Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Miroľa

The wooden Greek Catholic church in Miroľa was built on a dominant plateau in 1770. It is dedicated to the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was built from logs in the style of Lemkos and is divided into three parts. The church uses Slavonic as a language of service. The stepped pyramidal roofs will immediately catch your attention from afar. The tower stands alone outside the log section on four supporting columns. From the outside, the entire building is clad with slabs and the roof is covered in shingles. The upper third of the tower is clad with vertical slabs featuring small sound holes. The pyramid-shaped roof of the tower is topped with an onion dome and a three-armed cross. The iconostasis comes from the period of the church construction. Particular are the central royal doors from the end of the 17th century. The door is fitted with six medallions – two medallions of the Annunciation and four medallions of evangelists. The iconostasis has undergone several repairs. The last comprehensive restoration took place in the years 1977 – 1979, the royal doors were restored in 2008. Behind the iconostasis there is an altar with an icon of Christ carrying a cross from the 19th century with a carved rustic-rococo frame. On the side altar there is a relief of the Crucifixion from the middle of the 18th century. The walls of the temple are decorated with a rich gallery of icons, which probably come from an older wooden church from the late 17th century. Liturgical objects found during repairs of the church are located in the vestibule. Once inside, notice the rare canvas, probably from the 17th century depicting the Burial of Jesus. The canvas was found in 2004 stored inside the altar.
Particular are the rare books used in worship services, mostly from the 17th century, which have period notes on donors and other facts at the bottom of the pages.


How to get there

The church is located in the center of the municipality. You cannot miss it as it stands on a small hill.



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